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LMS Landscaping Committee Honored

We are beaming with pride for Lawrenceville Main Street's Landscaping Committee, who were recently honored to receive the Garden Gate Garden Club of Lawrenceville's Annual Beautification Award at a meeting of the Lawrence Township Council.

Pictured: Phoenix Smith, Caroline Peloso, Linda Chew, Maddy Monheit, Pamela Mills, Andrea Rabitz, Mary Schroeder, and Anne Lewis.

Landscaping Committee member Andrea Rabitz gave a "heartfelt thank-you to our volunteers, our spouses, and our local businesses, without whom the work would not be possible. Thank you to Lawrenceville Main Street for their support, to the Lawrenceville School for their help (especially for their gift of a golf cart, affectionately named 'Freddie'), Bob Hullfish at Bob's Storage and Gary Hullfish at Lawrenceville Fuel for housing and caring for Freddie, and Kale's Nursery and Landscape Service for their generous discounts and donations over the years".

If you see a member of the Landscape Committee out and about in the Village working on beautification projects, give them a high five for their hard work, or ask how you can get involved. As Andrea said at the council meeting, "The Landscaping Committee takes pride in what they do, and it takes a village".

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