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Lawrenceville, located in Lawrence Township, is steeped in history. Founded as Maidenhead in 1697 by Quakers, it lay along the King’s Highway, the first Colonial road in New Jersey, the King's Highway/Route 206 was an important stage coach route through the state, and it was the first postal route across the state. It became part of the Lincoln Highway, which was the first transcontinental road in the United States. The Village saw the American and British armies march past several times during the American Revolution and was a mid-point of the battles of Trenton and Princeton in 1776-1777.  Later, it was renamed to honor Capt. James Lawrence, a naval hero of the War of 1812.


Surrounded by the rolling farmlands of Mercer County, it evolved into a hub of activity with merchants, taverns, and two trolley lines connecting Trenton and Princeton.

The Lawrenceville School, the prestigious preparatory boarding school, was established in 1810 and is an anchor of the community. Located on 700 acres, it’s presence and student population add to the community’s sense of vibrancy. The Lawrenceville School was a leader in Lawrenceville revitalization efforts, joining with a group of concerned citizens to nurture the town back to a commercial hub.

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