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Business Spotlight: Corks & Canvas

These are exciting times for Corks & Canvas. After three years of hosting wine and painting events at Gordon Avenue, in the heart of the Lawrenceville Main Street district, Rosemary Sudnick officially sold the business last week to her stepdaughter, Morgan Hunter. Morgan is a familiar face to Lawrenceville Main Street having helped Rosemary build the business. Both are very excited about the transition.

“We have a long-standing connection with Lawrenceville,” explains Morgan. “My grandfather, Tony DiNicola was a jazz musician and music professor at Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey). Lawrenceville is right on the edge of Hopewell and Princeton. The prep school is a great landmark. We have the perfect space - not too big, not too small. We can take it outside if we need to expand.”

Rosemary fell in love with the concept of pairing wine with painting classes when she attended one as a student. After running Quaker Bridge Radiology for over 30 years she was ready for a career change. She put together a business plan, and signed the lease for Corks & Canvas on October 31, 2014.

Both Rosemary and Morgan are open to new programs and events. Last year they hosted six Wine and Paint programs at Trenton Thunder games. Artists created masterpieces in a luxury suite and watched the game. They are planning to host more this year.

In addition to creating paintings, Corks & Canvas will be adding new crafts this fall - including embellished pumpkins, wreath making, and other seasonal classes taught by artists specializing in these fields.

As a mother of small children, Morgan decided to add kids’ birthday parties and a family craft series this fall - no wine and hopefully no “whine” at these events.

Corks & Canvas is also offering a Family Painting series. For $18 per person families will create a painting together. This is appropriate for children ages 6 and up. On October 21st from 2PM-3:30PM, join them after Scarecrow in the Village to create Frankenstein.

CLICK HERE for more details on this event.

The next family craft event will take place on November 12 and will cost $10. Morgan points out there are often coupons available on their Facebook page.

Visit their website to see upcoming paintings and events.

Let Morgan and her team bring out the inner artist in you.

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