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Meet The Board: Theresa Wrobel

This month's featured Lawrenceville Main Street Board of Directors member is Theresa Wrobel, who says that her favorite part about the Village of Lawrenceville is its "history, natural beauty, and dining opportunities". Theresa says that "Lawrenceville has been a wonderful place to live due to its terrific schools, open space and recreation, restaurants, and other businesses" and she loves being part of an organization that makes Lawrenceville "a welcoming, multi-faceted place to live and work".

As one of her duties on the board, Theresa serves on the fundraising committee, working to identify new sources of funding to help Lawrenceville Main Street make improvements in the village and host events.

Theresa would love for the Village to continue to be a community hub - "a destination for people to shop, dine, meet friends, and conduct business". The board is in the process of "assessing its current areas of focus to see how they fit with the organization’s vision and working with the businesses to understand their needs and their visions. It is important to respect past accomplishments while being willing to introduce new initiatives based on how LMS fits into the future of the Village".

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