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Lawrenceville, a part of the Township of Lawrence, is a community of about 4,000 people located between Trenton and Princeton, in the heart of central New Jersey. Located on US Route 206, the Village of Lawrenceville has a rich history and small-town charm. The village had a key role during the Battles of Trenton and Princeton and currently contains shops, restaurants, a bakery and many other businesses. 

As with many small towns in 20th century America, Lawrenceville’s downtown was challenged by new roads and highways drawing retail away from it, but our community as not content to let it languish. As a result, a partnership between The Lawrenceville School and concerned residents sparked the birth of revitalization. Together, this group created Lawrenceville Main Street, and pursued an aggressive initiative to revitalize downtown through s programs and events, attracting businesses that understood the value of community.

Working in partnership with property owners, merchants, and the community at large, we have fostered investment in downtown and continue to promote the Village. To that end, Lawrenceville Main Street sponsors events that draw thousands of people to the village, promotes businesses through social media and traditional media, works with the Township and building owners to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for new businesses. 

If you are considering locating your business in our Village, here are some good reasons to follow through:


  • Join over 50 established businesses. The vitality of our village is evident from the growing network and variety of retail, financial, food, healthcare, professional, and other business services already established in our Village.

  • Consider new facilities as well as traditional. We can assist you.

  • Benefit from Village Appeal.
    Our Main Street is the heart of the township, a place that evokes pride, defines the community, and receives strong traffic all year long. The community works hard to keep Lawrenceville Main Street in top physical shape including inviting window displays, convenient parking areas, clear signage, clean sidewalks, pleasant streetlights and creative landscaping. We are organized to continuously improve our inviting atmosphere, historic appeal and small town warmth.

  • Customers enjoy the new Main Street ambience.

  • Built-in Business Partner.
    Lawrenceville Main Street, Inc. serves existing Village enterprises. Our programs help local businesses expand into new markets, maximize the productivity of their property, and sharpen their competitive edge.

  • Strong Promotion.
    Lawrenceville Main Street, Inc. markets the district's unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, potential businesses and visitors. Our promotion strategy forges a positive image through advertising, retail incentives, special events and marketing campaigns carried out by local volunteers.

  • Group Leverage.
    Otherwise small enterprises can achieve big things through shared vision and resources. Together, we build consensus and cooperation that leads to recurring investment and appropriate growth in our Village.

If you want more information about relocating to our village, including business district expansion plans, available space and much more, contact us.

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