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President Nelson and Awardee Vince Scozzari.
President Howard Nelson,
Dickey Awardee Gary Hullfish, and
Executive Director Lindsey Bohra.

Volunteer Recognition

Sunday, January 26, 2014
Cherry Grove Farm

Each year we recognize and celebrate the contributions of the past year's volunteers. Their efforts lie at the very success of the organization.

IMG 3747
  • IMG 3747
    Thank You LMS Volunteers!
  • IMG 3757
    LMS President Howard Nelson and Executive Director Lindsey Bohra.
  • IMG 3773
    Joe Arone (and Joyce Arone, not present).
  • IMG 3754
    Victor Bernard, Beth Arnold, Dorian Johnson.
  • IMG 3785
    Caleb Vinch.
  • IMG 3789
    Gary Hullfish, receiving Dickey Award.
  • IMG 3797
    Awardees together!
  • IMG 3748
    With thanks to all of our volunteers, sponsors and friends!

IMG 3747


The William Mayhew Dickey Award

Gary Hullfish.The William Mayhew Dickey Award is given to a member of the Lawrenceville community who exemplifies, through leadership and dedicated service, the attributes of "Will" Dickey, founder of Lawrenceville Main Street.

Seen above is Gary Hullfish, 2014 recipient, in recognition of his generous and long-standing support of the Lawrenceville community and of Main Street's activities.

Gary Hullfish

Ellen Saxon

Linda Chew

Chamber’s Walk Café

Mary and Bill Schroeder

Volunteer Awards

2014 Awardees:

  • Joyce & Joe Arone
  • Caleb Vinch
  • Victor Bernard
  • Beth Arnold
  • Dorian Johnson


2013 Awardees:

  • Marisa Nami
  • Pastor Bob Wittik
  • Bill Cuadra

2012 Awardees:

  • Steve & Jill Hendershott
  • Anthony Pizzutillo

2011 Awardees:

  • Denise Schwartz
  • Joe Rosenthal
  • Trina Weingarten

2010 Awardees:

  • Jo-Ann & Joe Cali
  • Vince Scozzari
  • Ellen Saxon
  • Mikey Azzara

2009 Awardees:

  • Bill Azzara
  • Jennifer Nelson
  • Skip Conover
  • Matt McChesney

2008 Awardees:

  • Devin Cheifetz
  • Madeline Monheit
  • Art Schonheiter
  • Jim Alexander

For more information about volunteering, go here.

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