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Farmers Market.



The Market Is Closed for the Season

Your patronage and interest have been appreciated!

Please visit this page again for information about future plans.

For further information, contact:


Flowers & vegetables. Fresh produce.
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Whether it's organic or just lovingly produced, it's local and it's great!.
Fresh Eggs. Cooking demo. Tomatoes.
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What's the Value of Buying These Local Products?.
Gold squash.Jersey Fresh.Flowers and more.
Supporting Local Farmers and Food Establishments: .
  • Jersey Fresh meets special grading requirements.
  • Better taste & nutrients, no deterioration during long transport.
  • Saves society fuel consumption.
  • Allows local farms to continue, maintaining open space.
  • Organic & special care choices.
  • Supports local economy.
  • Promotes community pride.
  • Talk directly to the farmers & producers.
  • Great local varieties.
Present and Future Farmers Market Programs
Lots of new programs coming! Let us know if you'd like to be a participant:

Iron Chef - Two chefs will use produce from our market in a competition for speed and excellence. $25 application fee. See details.

Music Presentations. Participants will provide music for our visitors. Volunteers welcome! Let us know if you'd like to participate. Details.

Kids Programs. Like to help kids have fun! Put on a show? Let us know. Details.

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